Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kick Kick!

I have been feeling baby move since about 15 weeks... not always everyday, but at least every couple of days. That is until this week. This week our little Squishy has turned into a tap dancing, somersault doing, karate chopping fool! Now I'm not just feeling it when I'm sitting still, I'm feeling it when I'm up and moving around!
My favorite though is when my sweet Matthew gets off work and comes home... As soon as he starts talking, I get a quick jab, then more tap dancing! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! Our little one already knows it Daddy's voice (Probably because Daddy has been yelling in my bellybutton since I was about 6 weeks along.. way before Squishy could even hear!) I'm thrilled that our baby gets so excited about its daddy! This is gonna be one lucky kid! Squishy already has the best daddy in the world!

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