Monday, March 2, 2009

Through Rah Rah's Lens: Day 1

My new friend Jenny started a photo project this week. Today's theme is "Something that inspires or motivates you". I thought a lot about what inspires and motivates me. There are lots of things, but not a lot of things I had pictures of or could take pictures of at this time. So, here is what has motivated me this week!

This is my new Stove!
After being without a working one since December 5th,
I was so excited when Sears finally made thing right and replaced it!

Not only does it work,
but it has 2 adjustable burners AND a warming zone!

So here is what my new stove has inspired!
For a long time I have been wanting to make
cinnamon rolls from scratch.
This is something I have never tried before.

Here they are before they went in the oven!

Fresh out of the oven!

Ooey Gooey Goodness!

And who wouldn't be inspired to make yummy food for this guy!
My husband eats ANYTHING I make even if it isn't good!
Thanks for inspiring me to try new things Matthew!
I love you!


Jenny said...

Yay for a new stove! That would definitely inspire me too. How did you go without one for so long? I bet that was tough. I'm glad it all worked out, though.

I am so impressed by your cinnamon rolls! They look super tasty and the photos are beautiful!

And, really, what a sweet way to end your post. Thank you so much for sharing and joining us!

ARK said...

mmm...those look yummy...much better than any I ever make!

Unknown said...

I've tried homemade cinnamon rolls and the stupid dough didn't rise. For some reason I always crash and burn at trying to make bread. :-)