Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Through Rah Rah's Lens: Day 4

My Must have item.....
I have had many ideas for this post. My initial thought (and my husbands) was my camera. Sure it goes with me EVERYWHERE and I use it ALL THE TIME, but when I thought about it, I thought it was too obvious. I guess you know that my camera goes with me everywhere, most of my blog post have at least 1 picture!
So I though some more... Music was the next thing I thought of. I love listening to music! I had some really good ideas for pictures for that "must have item", but the longer I thought about it, The more I realized that neither of those were my must have items!
If you know me very well, you know that in my purse there is ALWAYS a book (right now there are 3, but who is counting). Those books go with me EVERYWHERE! You never know when you will have time to sit down and read a good book! I have ALWAYS Loved books! The highlight of my week in grade school was getting a book order. I would spend hours reading the descriptions and deciding which ones I HAD TO HAVE! Going to a books store was even better! I could actually pick them up and look at the books there! I have spent so much money on books over the years! So, here is my must have item... well, items.

Some of my favorite children's books.
Not A Box & Not A Stick By Antoinette Portis
Mary Had A Little Jam By Bruce Lansky
Sam, Bangs, & Moonshine By Evaline Ness
The Frog On Robert's Head By David Cleveland
Knuffle Bunny & Knuffle Bunny Too By Mo Wilems
The Sunflower Garden By Janice May Udry

Some of my other favorites on one of my many bookshelves.

My Favorite Series growing up: The Jennie McGrady Mysteries By Patricia Rushford
These are great Christan mystery novels for middle school aged kids!

Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events...
Another one of my favorites!

Some of the best books I have ever read:
Thorn in My Heart
Fair Is The Rose
Whence Came a Prince
& Grace in Thine Eyes
All by Liz Curtis Higgs

All of these books are my "favorites" I know,
I'm pathetic! I couldn't pick just one!
But, this last book is my all time favorite.
It is so very special to me!
My husband gave it to me the day we got married.
It is a wonderful treasure.
Not just because it came from Matthew,
but because it is the Word of God!

My Bible.

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Through Rah Rah's Lens: Day 3

Where I relax...

This chair may not look like much, it may not match my living room where it currently lives, but I LOVE it!
For many, many years, this chair sat in the home of my aunt. Any time I was at her house, I would sit in it, curl up and read, sleep, or snuggle one of my cousins. I have always LOVED this chair!
I once told her many years ago if she was going to get rid of it to let me know, because I would love to have it. Well, just a few weeks ago, my dreams came true! I was happy to rearrange my living room to make space for this chair! This is is where I sit at home now, to chill, watch tv, blog, read, and especially relax!

And what chair would be complete without a very soft snugly blanket? This was a wedding gift and probably one of our most used! It is a must have when relaxing at my house!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Through Rah Rah's Lens: Day 2

Today's theme is "Something that irritates you". When Talking about this weeks photo project with my husband Matthew, I named off all of the themes to which he named what he thought I should photograph. Funny thing was, he named himself for all 5 days! I must admit, he could have been the subject for all of the themes, including today's. ;-) I guess he is pictured in the photo below, but not for the reason you might think......

This is my alarm going off at 6:00 this morning...
I am so not a morning person,
so the sound of it screeching and vibrating
against my nightstand is very irritating!

...and when I get up to get ready for work,
I have to leave this behind!
That irritates me too!
I would rather be snuggled up right by his side!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Through Rah Rah's Lens: Day 1

My new friend Jenny started a photo project this week. Today's theme is "Something that inspires or motivates you". I thought a lot about what inspires and motivates me. There are lots of things, but not a lot of things I had pictures of or could take pictures of at this time. So, here is what has motivated me this week!

This is my new Stove!
After being without a working one since December 5th,
I was so excited when Sears finally made thing right and replaced it!

Not only does it work,
but it has 2 adjustable burners AND a warming zone!

So here is what my new stove has inspired!
For a long time I have been wanting to make
cinnamon rolls from scratch.
This is something I have never tried before.

Here they are before they went in the oven!

Fresh out of the oven!

Ooey Gooey Goodness!

And who wouldn't be inspired to make yummy food for this guy!
My husband eats ANYTHING I make even if it isn't good!
Thanks for inspiring me to try new things Matthew!
I love you!