Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Addison

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David and jill said...

She is just too sweet. Great job, Jen! :)


Muthering Heights said...

How precious!

Amy W said...

look at that face!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder what was she thinking while this pic was taken:) She's cute!

Christi said...

She is so precious...I can't wait to see her!

Anonymous said...

I love your ramblings my baby girl! Now that I am a blogger, doing it on Moms Apple, I had to respond to your ramblings. I love you and am thankful for you and Matchew! I just wish you would move to Wichita with the rest of the crazies so we could see you more.

I love you my girl!

3 weeks until Branson and Hillbillies!

Love Daddy!