Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Feet

There isn't much in the world that is sweeter than newborn feet!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Tricky Tongues!

Today was a strange day with the kids. Big Squirt had school so Little Squirt and I headed to over to play with some of our favorite friends.  Both Little Squirt and JK were in a funk today. They got a little silly while we were there. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

House Update: Guest Room/Play Room

Here is another post of what we have been up to
with the house since August.
Our guest room/play room was painted the same buttery color as the rest of the house. Not only did we not like the color, but they had done an AWFUL job painting. Here is what it looked like when we bought it.

Gotta love the color pallet! Oh wait, there wasn't one!

Here is my dear friend Maggie painting away!

Here it is finished!
This is the view from the doorway.

Just inside the door.
The dresser is full of toys and dress-up clothes.

The View from the other side of the bed.

These are some of my favorite things in the room that you may not have noticed in the pictures above.
This is a doll cradle that Matt's Grandpa made! I love it!

A rocking chair that Matt's grandpa also made.

My last favorite thing is the wooden kitchen set
we got at a garage sale for $10.
The kids love it too!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

House Update: Master Bathroom.

So after talking to some friends this weekend on our trip back to my home town, I realized I did a pretty good job posting pictures of the house in the beginning, but I haven't done a very good job of keeping things up to date since. So, here is what our bathroom looked like when we moved in... it was the last room of our house to get painted!
Don't you love the broken shower doors with the mirror! They were so nasty I don't know if they had ever been cleaned!

Here is my amazing husband taking down
the nasty broken shower doors!
I'm kinda sad I didn't take picture of all of the MOLD and Dirt that was stuck under the track of the shower doors. It took a lot of bleach and elbow grease to get it cleaned up, but here is our end result...

Hope you enjoyed our before and after pictures... More to come!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!

My Sweet Husband turned 24 yesterday**, so this post is all about him!
The Top 24 things I love about Matthew...
24 - He makes AMAZING Chicken Wings!
23 - He is such an amazing teacher!
22 - His laugh is the best sound in the world!
21 - His eyes look like melted chocolate... I could get lost forever!
20 - He always shares with me!
19 - He is always encouraging.
18 - He knows me better than anyone else!
17 - His Kisses
16 - The way he apologizes so quickly.
15 - He always knows exactly what I need!
14 - His Smile!
13 - Just being together.
12 - His Kisses
11 - The way he can always make me relax.
10 - His hugs.
9 - The way he takes such good care of me.
8 - How "real" he is with me. He is never afraid to show his emotions.
7 - How when we go on road trips we just talk about everything.
6 - His commitment to me and our marriage.
5 - The way he gets so excited about little things. 
4 - His Kisses
3 - How he always makes me feel safe.
2 - Listening to him pray.
1 - He loves me so much and I love him!

Thank you Matthew for loving me so well! I am so thankful that you are my husband! There isn't a day that goes by that I am not astounded by how much my love for you grows. Thank you for always being there for me! I love you more that you will ever know!
Your Rah Rah!

**I started this post the day after his birthday (Jan 1) but was trying to make it a surprise and he kept looking over my shoulder... I quit working on it thinking I'd come back to it later that day and just didn't have time! Sorry Matthew!