Thursday, October 30, 2008


So my amazing husband had a great idea. As I was getting pictures ready to post, he said that instead of posting pictures from our vacation, I should put together a video so I could show you more. Isn't he smart? So, here is the video I made to show you all of the fun things we did on our most relaxing vacation! 
Thanks Tom, Sally, & Tanner (Matt's "Ant", Uncle and Cousin) for being the most wonderful hosts! We had such great weekend with you!
The video is only about 4 minutes long so just sit back, relax and enjoy! Turn your volume up because I did include music... Charlie Dodrill is our new favorite artist! All of his songs are great, but this is one of my favorites! If you have time, check him out! I can almost guarantee it will music you can't live without!

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Maggie said...

Those are all amazing shots -- looks like you had a great time! I can't wait for tomorrow's dinner!