Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It has been awhile....

I promise that we are still alive and kicking... actually we have been quite swamped!
I had the last week off, but didn't hardly have any free time! This is what my week consisted of:
My family came to town and we spent the day at the pumpkin patch, my mom was in town helping us get some stuff done on the house which was great! I'll have to post some updated picts soon. I also kept the triplets for a couple of days! They even got to stay the night with us! We had so much fun! I prepared for a baby shower where I made all the food for over 50 people, we spent 3 days in St. Louis with Matt's aunt, uncle, and cousin, helping build their church website, and had a baby shower the day after we got back!
Now I need a vacation...! Wait, that is what last week was supposed to be! I have lots of blog posts in the works! You'll just have to wait a little longer!
By the way, thanks Amanda for sticking with me even when I am "not as good at updating as Christi is)! :-)
Isn't this a lap full? We had so much fun together!

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Sharon said...

Hey Sarah! Glad all is well with you. Good to get your update. You're RIGHT in your element in that picture -- surrounded by adoring kids. Hugs from Wichita!!