Monday, September 8, 2008


This weekend we went to visit my family
for my niece Megan's 6th Birthday.
We had such a great time while we were there!

Opening her gift from Uncle Matt & Rah Rah

She loved her gift from Josiah. 

Diapers for all her new babies!

This picture makes me laugh so hard!
She couldn't get it out of the bag!

Megan loves the cards that play music, this one had kitties meowing Happy Birthday!
Notice Papa laughing in the background!

Megan & I with the cake I made her!

The inside was checkerboard with White and Strawberry cake!

Having a tea party with her new tea set!

Happy Birthday sweet Megan!
Your Uncle Matt & Rah Rah love you so very much!

1 comment:

Amy W said...

Seriously, you MADE a checkerboard cake???? Not only that, the frosting is PERFECT. Did you take lessons or something? I didn't know you were so talented!!