Friday, August 29, 2008

My Amazing In-laws!!!!!

I have the most amazing in-laws in the world! Last Friday, they both took the day off of work, drove to our new house, and spent the day working here! They were such a big help!

They trimmed our bushes! And they look so much better than before!!!

There used to be some really big plants here that looked like weeds...

Now they are in the back yard!

Debbie mowed our lawn with or new lawn mower
that they bought and went and picked up for us!

Our new kitchen light is attached to the ceiling!

Stuart took down the old ceiling fan in the dining room
and installed the cool chandelier we found on clearance!

And Matt helped Stuart install our new thermostat!
It was awfully comical to watch the two of them!

Not only did they get a lot of work done, they were on hand for the stone company to come out and measure for our new counter tops, and stuck around for the new dishwasher and stove to be delivered! Thank you guys!! You Rock!!!!!!!!!!

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