Friday, August 29, 2008

House update...

   Hello to all of you who have been waiting for me to update you! We have been so busy I haven't had much time to update the blog!  Thought I'd put up some new pictures of the house, but I realized that most of the pictures are still in the camera at home.  So here is what I have with me! I'll update again soon! 
    Things are going well... we are slowly getting stuff accomplished!  We still have quite a bit to do, but we are getting there!

The kitchen after we painted... getting ready to put the floors in!

Uncle Kyle working hard! He has been so amazing to help us!  We would have never made it without him!

Matt's mom and dad bought us Jack Stack our first night in the house... 
We don't have a floor in our dining room yet
so we set up the table in the garage!

The day we moved in I went to vacuum our bedroom before we moved stuff into it and the handle broke off! This is our new vacuum that I LOVE!!!!!!!  It is amazing!  Thanks Lisa for getting us such a good deal!


Alicia said...

LOVE that paint color! And it is SO nice to have a good vacuum cleaner. So happy for you!

Christi said...

YEAH! I miss you