Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Becoming homeowners...

Buying a house has been quite an adventure! Somehow I have a feeling the fun has only just begun!
Our adventure started out kind of rough... the signing of the papers last Thursday didn't go quite as planned... The seller tried to pull some stuff and so it was a little touch and go for awhile. We did finally sign the papers and got keys the following day. When I showed up to get the keys, the previous owner had completely shut off the power! We were going to just have it signed over to our account, but it was completely shut off! So I quickly had to get it turned back on because we had people coming to help us out that night and the next day! We got the power back on with no problems, and Brent came over that night to change our locks for us! THANKS BRENT!

Living room
Dining Room


Master Bedroom

Saturday the painting began! Thanks to Maggie and Megann for all their help! You guys ROCK!
Master Bedroom after paint!

Guest Room After Paint!

Kyle and the Girls came to help rip out the floor! The girls were such a big help!

They even cleaned up afterward!

Come back soon for more pictures and stories in the lives of the new homeowners!


Amy W said...

Your house is looking so great! And because you need something else to blog about, I tagged you here just for fun!

Alicia said...

Your house looks beautiful. Were those hardwoods you are ripping up? Can't wait to see what you do with the dining room and we must see the post-decorated house!