Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little boys are funny!

So yesterday we (The boys and I) went to the arboretum with some of our best friends Maggie, G & B.  Later we were joined by our favorite girls, but while we were walking around we got to the boy's favorite spot. 
There is this little waterfall that turns into a small stream and follows the path down into the woods. The boys love to dip their hands in the water and put handprints on the sidewalk and just generally get wet!  Well yesterday they had it turned of and there was no water.  We were all devastated! 
They kept asking over and over again why there was no water. We explained about 5 times that they had turned it off, and we didn't know why. So we kept walking and all of a sudden G yells, "Maybe a fat guy came and drank up all that water!"  
Maggie and I tried to keep our composure, but we both ended up laughing like crazy!  What do you say to that?

1 comment:

Maggie said...

Obviously you say "even fat men get thirsty sometimes"

I'm just glad he didn't come up with any other places the water might have gone. With his yap, you can never be sure...