Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Blanch" and "Fran"

So Saturday I went to one of my favorite places to shop for "house" items. Home Goods! I was just looking around seeing if they had anything good... (I got 5 WoodWick Candles that were over 1/2 off!!) Anyway, I was looking at some dishes just seeing if there was anything I just had to have and this woman, we will call her Blanch, decides to block my path through the isle I was checking out. So I waited, didn't say anything to her, but continued to wait. She was taking her sweet time, so I waited till she was about halfway down the isle, walked around to the other end and started checking things out from there.
As I picked up a cute little white bowl (which I of course had to buy!) to check it out, another lady, let's call her Fran, saw what I was looking at and exclaimed how cute it was. She inturn decided that this isle was the place for her so she excused herself as she squeezed past me and my shoping cart to check things out for herself. (Did I mention that these isles are kinda small, especially if you have a shopping cart?)
So we (Fran & I) are talking a bit about how cute things are and Blanch starts sighing really loudly. The sighs just keep getting louder and louder. I finally look up and said, "I'm sorry Blanch, are we in your way?"
She proceded to turn to me and Fran and YELL, "Well, I moved maybe two inches and you both just pushed your way in here and now I can't even get to the things I want to look at!"
So, I apologize and start to move out of the way, and Blanch keeps on yelling! "It is just rude to push your way in front of someone who is trying to look at things...."
So Fran throws up her hands turns to me and says, "Oh my word!" as she walks away!
Blanch sigh again with enough force to rattle the dishes she just "couldn't get to" and stormed off the other way.
I was left standing in the isle by myself wanting to shout at the top of my lungs, "Jesus loves you Blanch!" But instead I steadied the dishes that were still shaking from the horrible Blanch sighs, I decided that I should take my candles and bowl and run before Blanch found a the isle that houses the knives and came after me!
I may avoid shoping on Saturday from now on.....

***Oh, I think I forgot to mention that Blanch was checking out the row of Halloween dishes that had witches all over them!


Lisa said...

What a funny story! It always amazes me how some people can be so rude. She must not be very happy!

Unknown said...

I've been meaning to hit up that store..several people have told me about the neat things in there. I'll have to watch out for the crotchedy old ladies that sound like they need a hug! haha. Thats hilarious!

Sharon said...

That totally sounds like something that would happen to ME -- loved the way you told the story and completely empathized with YOU!