Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, This is the life......

So Matt and I have decided that this is the most relaxing 24 hours that we have ever had! Life here is so simple! We pulled into Ethel, MO (population 100) in time to join Matt's Uncle and cousin for church. We then had lunch at the Santa Fe Restaurant (That is only open Friday-Sunday) and then came back to their house for a bit... We checked into the best Bed and Breakfast in the world awhile later... Welcome to "The Recess Inn"! This adorable place was the school that Matt's dad and aunt's and Uncle's went to school in. There were 4 rooms, a Primary room, Secondary room, Music room, and Library. The basement housed the kitchen and lunch room. We are staying in the Music Room. It is beautiful and so cozy!

I love the bathroom with the claw footed tub!

Last night we went on a little trek through the field to take some pictures of the old Glaston Church that used to sit in the cemetary. It was moved years ago by Matt's grandparents because the kids were using it to party in. It must have been a beautiful church in it's day because I think it is still quite lovely. The sunset was also breathtaking! It was an amazing day!

Glaston Church

The Barn up the road at Gale Owen & Elizabeth's house (Matt's Cousin)

The beautiful sunset...


Maggie said...

I am SO JEALOUS of your vacation. I repeat SO JEALOUS.

It looks like a relaxing time...just don't get so relaxed that you forget to come back!

Christi said...

Oh my little sista, I love the pictures you take! What a gift you have! I miss you, and love you very much.