Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Great Day in "The Middle of Nowhere".....

Our morning started with the smell of bacon!
We rolled out of bed... (at 8:55) and made it to breakfast at 9!

Nancy (Our Hostess) made us an incredible breakfast of.....

Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits & Gravy, Coffee Cake (with caramel frosting), fresh fruit drizzled with french vanilla cream, Orange Juice, Coffee... A FEAST! It was delicious!!!!!!After breakfast we took our time getting ready and headed out again to Scott and Ramah's. They made us a wonderful lunch of roast beef and corn. I feel like all we are doing is eating! I'm going to gain 50 pounds! Soon we were off to take some pictures around town....
Water Lilies at Ethel Lake

Main Street

Dragon Fly

The Railroad is a big part of life in Ethel

The beautiful post office that was built in 1906

Inside the Post office

PO Boxes

Flag through the stained glass window in the Post Office

Water Lily

The old gas station

City Hall

Wild flowers

That was all before 2! I'll post more later!
Check back soon to hear about the rest of our day!!!!!


Captain Jack said...

Love the pictures girl. Fish eye new?
Be safe, love ya guys.

Maggie said...

The shot of the post office boxes is totally my favorite!

Josie said...

Sarah, you take the best pictures! You're amazing! I love seeing the different views you take of simple things. You're so talented. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! :)....and your hubby, too!

Alicia said...

You are SO gifted! Amazing!