Sunday, May 18, 2008

Margarita anyone?????

So last week they boys and I took a day trip to the Arboretum. We went with some of our friends. The oldest boy I take care of and the oldest that Maggie takes care of had a conversation while waiting outside the bathrooms for Maggie... It went something like this...

One of the golf cart things drove by with a man in it and the boys started talking...
J: Is that a Margarita truck?
G: Yeah, I think it is!
J: I'll take a Margarita! On the rocks!
G: Yeah, a Margarita on the rocks, with Salt!!!!

What exactly do you say to that??????

**I guess I should add J is 4 and G is 3...**


Maggie said...

First, you rule because the four boys outside the bathroom meant that I was in the bathroom ALL. ALONE. 30 blissful seconds to potty ALL. BY. MYSELF.

And second, what do you mean what do you say? You say "that's right, get one for me - and tell them not to skimp on the tequila!". I'm not ashamed that Garrett and Bennett both know a margarita by sight...and's an important life skill!

Sharon said...

That makes me wonder if the kids are spying on YOU during their nap time -- exactly HOW do you spend that time, bartender?!

SarahJeanie said...

I don't even like Margaritas! They must be listening to someone other than me!