Saturday, May 31, 2008


So Wednesday, I spent the day at the zoo with the boys I nanny for. After nap we were all sitting on the floor looking at pictures from our outing on Matt's computer. I was having they boys name the animals as we went through, which can be kind of difficult for a 4 & 2 year old when the pictures include things like wart hogs, meerkats, etc. One other thing that can be confusing is the names of all the animals in the cat family. So they are doing pretty well and we come across the picture of all the lions lying under the trees and I ask the 4 year old what it was. He looks and yells "Leprechauns!!" I think he meant Leopard, but one can't be sure I guess. Needless to say, Matt & I burst out laughing. He laughed too although he didn't catch on to why we were laughing. I think we need to work on naming our animals............... Maybe that means another trip to the zoo! :-)

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Alicia said...

Okay, how cute is that. And I just want to say someone has been given a good education in Irish magic because my son wouldn't even know to say "Leprechaun" in the wrong context. I think that's pretty impressive!