Saturday, April 12, 2008

Strictly Germ Proof......

So Friday was the big day.... Matt's recital! I can't tell you how proud I was! He was WONDERFUL! He did such an amazing job! So many people showed up and it was so nice to see some friends and family that we hadn't seen for awhile!
Jennifer, the girl that shared the recital with him did a great job too! I love to listen to her play the piano!!!!!
I'm posting some pictures so even if you didn't get to attend you can see how handsome my amazing husband looked! (I love him!!) I think most everyone loved his last song Strictly Germ Proof. He had a lot of fun with it and made everyone laugh singing about the Antiseptic baby and the prophylactic pup! It was so fun to see him in his "element"!
Now that the recital is over we are gearing up for graduation! You are all invited!! (May 4th) Pray for Matt as he finishes up school! He is so ready to be done!!!!!

Singing Wohin?

Jennifer did a great job!

Me with My handsome husband! Hubba Hubba!!!!!

Matt, Jennifer and Dan

Matt & J man!

Matt with part of the "Meyers Clan"

Matt & The Trips

Talking to Paul and "A"

My weird family!

Shari and The girls!

With Matt's Parents.

Boston, Jen, Sabrina, Me & Lisa! I love these girls!!!!!!

With my parents.


Christi said...


Alicia said...

Congratulations!!! You look like you sound awesome! I remember thinking graduation day would NEVER came. Happy for you to get past this hurdle!

Sharon said...

I DON'T think this performance was, in fact, "germ proof", as both Robert and Christi ended up getting sick as dogs immediately following ...... hmmmmmmm, what do you make of THAT?! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it that you're blogging. I enjoy reading your updates! Take care!