Saturday, April 26, 2008

OKLAHOMA & Popcorn Madness.....

Tonight was GREAT! My friend Jessica (a fellow Nanny) came over and we had some major fun and we got to relax! After a long week with kids, I think it was just what we needed!
Not only did we relax, she enlightened me on a fabulous trick! Pop a bag of microwave popcorn and when it's done toss in a handful of chocolate chips and shake. The result, a very messy but amazing treat! So while we enjoyed our delicious treat, what else did we do... That's right, we watched one of the greatest movies of all times! Oklahoma! It had been many years since either one of us had enjoyed this great classic. If you haven't seen it in awhile, watch it again, it is so worth it!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend... try out our recipe for popcorn and let me know what you think.... Happy Friday!!!

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Sharon said...

Yum -- the McCoys will definitely be trying out that delicacy! Sounds like big fun -- make sure you invite me for the next flick!