Friday, April 4, 2008

Deanna Rose.... Again

So we went to Deanna Rose again today! Twice in one week, I know it's kinda pathetic, but not only do the boys love it, the nannies do too! Today we went with some other friends... Jessica and the two sweet girls she nannies for, and our new friend Marion who is an Au Pair from Germany and the adorable boy she keeps. We had so much fun! We even got to bottle feed some goats!!!! Enjoy some more of our pictures!
Cutie Pie!

Funky Chicken

All Smiles

Watch out he's eating your hand!!!!!

New best buddies!

Such a sweetie!

He loved the animals!

The turkeys are so awesome

Pretty Girl!

Milking the cow!

10 days old!

They all loved to bottle feed the goats!

This little boy kept picking up the goat's behinds!
It was so funny to watch the goats try and get away on two legs!

What fun we had!

Hummmm, should I drink the bottle or share with the goat?

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