Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ahhhh! Spring is here!

Ahhh! Spring is here! What a great day April first is for us! The day our beloved Deanna Rose Farmstead opens after being closed since October! Unfortunately, the oldest spent the morning in urgent care with an ear infection on the first so we had to wait a day to enjoy the amazingness of the farm! But what a day we had! We were joined on our outing by another fellow nanny and the two spunky boys she nannies for. Fun was had by all and everyone took great naps that afternoon! Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!!

Look at the water!

All smiles on our first day at Deanna Rose!

The cutest little goats!

We love to feed the goats even when they try to eat us!

The sheep kept trying to eat his jacket!

Check out that turkey!

Timeout! No more going down the slide head first!

He is only 8 days old!

Fishing with Maggie!

Such a sweet face!

Watching the bobber.

Right after he pulled the worm in half! Look at that grin!


Checking out the WORMS!!

Sun bathing in their jackets??
I think they were a bit tired!

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