Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh... The Memories

So Matt and I attended the wedding of a friend yesterday.  It was a nice small wedding and reception, but it was so much fun.  I got to see some people that I hadn't seen since my camp days which was exciting!  We also met some new friends.  While sitting at the reception, we started talking about weddings and got asked some questions about our special day.  It was fun thinking back to our wedding... It seems like it was so long ago, yet, it seems the past 10 months have flown by!  
I can't believe that Matt & I started dating less than 3 years ago!  I feel like I have known him forever! Like he has been part of my life since the beginning!  What an amazing man I have married!!! I'm gonna get a little cheesy for a minute, so you can keep reading or you can move on to something more important.. Your choice!

The many things I love about Matthew:
• His eyes
• His laugh
• That he is my absolute best friend EVER!
• The way he always seems to know just what I need
• That when he reaches for my hand or touches me, I still get butterflies
• His kisses
• The way he loves kids
• His faithfulness
• His desire to be the best husband ever
• The way he works so hard to take care of us
• He doesn't think my ideas are silly or dumb
• The way he can take any worry I have and make me forget it
• That it doesn't matter what we do, we ALWAYS have fun
• How quickly he is to ask for forgiveness if he thinks he has hurt me in any way
• His Smile
• His kisses
• The way he snores when he is really tired
• How he can fall asleep in 20 seconds flat
• Snuggling 
• That he loves to watch Gilmore Girls with me!
• How he always kisses me on the forehead
• How we share the same dreams
• The way he explains things so even I can understand them
• His singing.... even when he can't remember the words
• His kisses
• That when he "talks" and just grunts I know what he is saying
• That he likes my cooking
• That he is proud of me
• How he encourages me
• That we share the same taste in decor
• That he puts music on so we can dance in the kitchen
• His smile
• The useless facts he spouts off just like his dad
• How his eyes twinkle when he is up to no good
• That he isn't afraid to cry when he feels like it
• That he is always honest with me 
• When he leaves me messages in the shower or on the mirror
• How we can talk about ANYTHING and it isn't weird
• His kisses
• How he turns the shower on long before he ever gets in
• When he randomly brings me chocolate
• How he loves me and isn't ever afraid to say it even when there are other people around
• That when he looks at me, I know he loves me without even saying it

Ok, I could go on and on forever, and maybe I will in another blog someday....


Christi said...

I love Matthew too and I am so glad that he loves you so well!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Rah Rah! I love you, too!